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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Online PE

Another one of these things I probably got because I left a business card at someone's both at the Virtual School Symposium.



2008 Course Offerings

Health Science
Health & Personal Wellness
Exercise Science
Life Skills

Physical Education
Fitness Fundamentals I
Fitness Fundamentals II
Walking Fitness
Strength Training
Flexibility Training
Credit Recovery PE
Student Athlete I
Middle School PE

Online PE?


Not only does it work, but this individualized and peronalized health and physical education program enables students to pursue a healthy lifestyle long after class is over!

  • Courses align to state and national standards.
  • Each course = .5 carnegie units.
  • Engaging multimedia lessons, objective-based. assignments, and comprehensive assessments.
  • Students learn and apply the fundamental principles of health and fitness.
  • Students can tailor each program to meet their own needs, interests, and fitness level.



Find out how you can use The Personal Fitness Suite™ in your program!

Information Request Form

Contact Us Directly At
Toll Free: 866.433.5063


Would love to hear from someone who may be using this or another similar program.

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Blogger rebekah said...

We've used The Personal Fitness Suite for a couple of years at my online high school. The courses have gotten great feedback from students: they particularly appreciate the anonymity offered by an online “PE class” and the orientation of the course toward creating a healthy lifestyle rather than participating in group sports. Many students even credited this personalized approach with changing the dynamics and behaviors of their family vis-a-vis food and exercise. In an age of online personal trainers, these courses really prepare students for a world of personal fitness with online accountability and feedback tools. I highly recommend them!

CaroneFitness was one of our most responsive vendors...the company is known for quick turn-around times and pervasive professionalism.

7:05 PM  
Blogger MKB said...


Thanks for the comment and for giving us some insights on how this kind of program is working in your virtual school. If you don't mind me asking, which virtual school are you with?


9:19 PM  

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