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Thursday, January 17, 2008

NACOL Promising Practices Series: Blended Learning

This was posted in one of the NACOL forums.
NACOL Promising Practices Series: Blended Learning, Seeking ideas and examples

Throughout 2008 NACOL will be publishing a six-part white paper series on "Promising Practices in Online Learning." The first topic in this series will cover blended learning. Blended learning means many things to many people, even within our relatively small community. We would appreciate any ideas and examples you have on blended learning, including but not limited to the following questions:

* Do you have a “working” definition of blended learning?
* Are you or your school or program providing or otherwise involved in blended learning?
* Have you see any outstanding examples of blended learning that should be explored?

We welcome your ideas and examples, posted to this forum or by email to John Watson and Butch Gemin at johnw@evergreenassoc.com and rgemin@evergreenassoc.com.

Don't be shy about telling us about your program if it fits into a model of blended learning!
As I believe that John is a good researcher that uses solid methodology, I would encourage anyone who has something to share to contact him.

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