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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Next Generation

Its been a while since we discussed the next generation and generational differences. Well, that is all that they will be doing next week on the ITForum listserve.

We have had a rather long time without a paper due to holidays and semesters, so we will be making up for lost time soon!

Next Week, Tues through Friday we will be discussing Dr. Reeves paper Do Generational Differences Matter In Instructional Design.

It can be found at the link below and you can also take a look at the upcoming topics.


I look forward to our first debate in 2008!
Bev Ferrell, EdD
ITF moderator
If you are interested in joining the listserve (and the discussion), you can join by:

The easiest way to subscribe is to go to this page:


Or to subscribe to ITForum by email send an email to:


In the body of the message type:

SUBSCRIBE ITFORUM Firstname Lastname

I hope to see you as part of the discussion, I know that I'll be participating.

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