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Monday, January 21, 2008

Speaking of Wisconsin - Supernanny

While I'll be honest and say hat I haven't watched this episode, this entry that appeared in my Bloglines last week alerted me to this...
Critics take aim at virtual schooling after Kaukauna 'Supernanny' episode - Kathy Walsh Nufer, Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers
By Ray from Online Learning Update

The nature of the online learning courses taken by two Kaukauna girls featured with their family on the TV show "Supernanny" has ignited debate in the Fox Cities over the quality of their education. The show, which aired Jan. 2 on ABC, spurred volumes of criticism of the family on ABC's Web site and in Post-Crescent online forums. It showed the girls, ages 17 and 15, describing the high school...
Like I say, I haven't watched the episode myself. But if you want to I see that someone (thanks frshholygrailzEGO) has put the video on YouTube in five separate segments.
Based upon the comments that I have read, I think that this is an example of cyber schooling (as opposed to virtual schooling - see A Need for a Common Language for the distinction).

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