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Monday, December 03, 2007

Statistics for November 2007

Sorry I didn't do this two or three days ago - at the end of November or at least the beginning of December. But here they are...

As of noon on Monday, 3 December there were 18796 hits on our standard counter. At the end of October there were 17019, so we've had essentially of 1,767 in the past 33 days. According to our StatCounter, we had 1,193 unique visitors in November (i.e., 1,033 first time visitors and 160 repeat offenders) or an average of 40 unique visitors a day.

Popular days over the month were November 5-7 and 10 with about a hundred hits each of those days. The popular posts were:
These visitors came from Jordan, Australia, the Philippines, along with American states of Michigan, Florida, California, South Carolina, Illinois, Nevada, Virginia, Georgia, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, Connecticut, Ohio, Wyoming, and Missouri; and the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan (thanks Darren), Alberta, and British Columbia.

Until next month (which will also be next year)...

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