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Friday, November 30, 2007

Series - Conference Quotes

I don't think this is really a full fledge series, like the last two that Darrin over at Teaching and Developing Online posted.

The first was...
The second was...
And now, Conference Quotes... Again, probably not a real series, but well worth enjoying here all the same.
The funny thing is that I'm not even sure which conference this was... Care to spill there Darrin?

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Anonymous Darren Cannell said...

It was a very well run conference.

It was called the Distributed Learning in the 21st Century October 17,18 and 19, 2007 in Edmonton Alberta Canada.


5:26 PM  
Blogger MKB said...

Thanks Darren... That's one that I have yet to hit. BTW, do you go to the Virtual School Symposium conferences? If not, you should really - the next one is next Fall in Phoenix.


10:51 AM  
Anonymous Darren Cannell said...

I have not but I will keep it on my calendar it sounds like a good one.

Thanks for the tip.

D. Cannell

11:25 AM  

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