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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

AECT Webinar - AECT in Second Life

This may be of interest to some...
AECT Webinar - 'AECT in Second Life: Prims, Plans, & Projects'

Date & Time: 11/29/07 5:00 pm (US/Eastern)
Duration: 90 minutes

Explore SecondLife with Dr. Ross Perkins Senor Project Associate at Virginia Tech. This one hour webinar will demonstrate and provide an opportunity to discuss how AECT members can get involved and learn about the educational potential of this new virtual environment. Dr. Perkins(Milosun Czervik in SecondLife) will guide you through the process for navigating this virtual world with all its promise for creating new learning opportunities for both teachers and students.

This is the first of four AECT Webinars planned this year, covering current issues in the profession. Register online at aect.org and watch for announcements regarding future AECT Webinar topics and dates through the spring of 2008.

Send your suggestions for “hot topics” for future Webinars to Phillip Harris at pharris@aect.org.

AECT members may login at aect.org to register.

Register now—join AECT in this new venture! See you on the island
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