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Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Guest Blogger for VSS2007

Just wanted to let you know that a doctoral student from BYU (and a frequent commenter here), Abigail Gonzales, has sent me the notes that she took from the recent 2007 Virtual School Symposium in Louisville so that I could post them here.

As she indicates:
"It is just the raw information, I was just taking down information with no analysis, so do with it what you like. Some of the sessions I didn't take as much down as others."
I have gone back and placed them in the correct order of when they would have happened as if she had been posting them in real time at the conference. You will note that the title for each of these begins "VSS2007 (Guest Blogger)" and then the title of the session. Each entry also begins with "Session notes from our guest blogger, Abby."

Our thanks to Abby for allowing us to post this "raw information" for those who were able to join us in Louisville.

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