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Monday, December 17, 2007

Re-Posting Comments

Not sure why she selected this entry to comment on, but we had a couple of comments from Syble on a Virtual Schooling in the Newsentry from back in January 2007 - so I wanted to re-post them here.
I enrolled my daughter in Crescent Prep Virtual High School school, paid in full over $5000.00 and the contract said that we would get a laptop, printer, plasma TV and $200.00. And her diploma.

Complaint Description: I enrolled my daughter in this school back in May of 2007. Paid the entire amount. Was promised the above items along with her education. It took until the end of August to get the laptop. We wanted to start the schooling right away. It couldnt happen because we needed the laptop. After "fighting" with Dana Williams I finally got the laptop. And still have not gotten anything else. My daughter tries to sign on to the "school" to do work and most of the time the website is down. The reason she is going to this school is so she can graduate early. She will never be able to do this when she cant get to her work. I have sent email after email and made many phone calls to the school. Spoke with Dana and was promised this and that and never any follow through on her end. I tried contacting someone else and Dana didnt like that and then my calls were not taken at all. My last email to her was that I wanted a full refund and she could have this laptop back. And once again I have not heard back from her at all. I told her in that email I would be contacting authorities. Apparently she doesnt care if I do. I have contacted BBB and she has never responded to them either. I also contacted State Government Personnel.
Resolution Sought: At this point I want a full refund.

Date Problem Started: 05/23/2007

Basically I hope you all take a good look at what you are doing BEFORE you send them any money!!
After I expressed my concern that she had to go through this ordeal, she follow-up with:
I really doubt anything will be done. But I have decided I am going to push this to the fullest capacity I can. Im hoping that I can get this resolved along with stopping others from getting "scammed" in the meantime. My next move is going to be the news media in Crescent Preps Local area.
When I Googled this virtual school, the only website that showed up appears to be another entry that she made:

I should note that Crescent Preparatory High School is located in Florida.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had tried commenting on a post of yours last week a few times, and I couldn't. All I could get was an error page. Your post had to do with your thoughts as they related to Wisconsin and hsing.

6:41 PM  
Blogger MKB said...


Not sure if that was a Blogger thing or what, but they have been working well over the past two to three days. The entry in question is located at http://mkbnl.blogspot.com/2007/12/problems-are-brewing-in-winsconsin.html

By all means, try again...


7:59 PM  

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