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Friday, February 10, 2006

What Will Schooling Look Like?

In the past, I have asked on this blog what schooling will look like in the future and what role will virtual schooling play in that system. This past month a number of people have been engaging in this idea of the "Classroom of 2015" - or what will a classroom look like a decade from now? See Classrooms of 2015 at Cognitive Dissonance, Classrooms of 2015— Am I that Cynical? at Cultivating Minds, Classrooms of 2015 at Remote Access, and Will Classrooms Be Obsolete in 10 Years? at Stephen's Web ~ by Stephen Downes ~ Edu_RSS Most Recent - RSS old.

This line of discussion is in keeping with another entry made at Remote Access entitled What are Schools For? This gets a little more at the heart of the matter, what do we want our students to get out of the formal schooling system? Once we can answer that questions, then we can start to look at what type of classroom would be best suited to facilitate that purpose - and my own interest, what role does virtual schooling play in what we want to achieve via our public school system.

So, let's ask the questions:
  1. What is the purpose of schooling?
  2. What do we want students to get out of their formal schooling experience?
  3. What kind of classroom would you need to achieve these things?
  4. What roles does virtual schooling have to play in this vision for the future?

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