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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Statistics for January

Over the past month there were 420 unqique visitors to this blog. This represents 358 first time visitors (or those who don't accept cookies) and 62 returning visitors, for an average of 14 per day. It appears that January 3 was a big visiting day - with 36 visitors, followed by January 4 with 32, January 5 with 26, and January 31 with 24. In case you are wondering on January 3 I posted Predictions for 2006 for Virtual Schooling and on January 31 I posted Instant Messaging Re-Visited.

My visitors were fairly limited, in terms of location this past month, with the majority (like 70%) once again coming from the United States and the remainder coming from Canada, Mexico, the Russian Federation, and France.

The majority of people (excluding the less than five second group of "Next Bloggers") stayed here for either 30 seconds to 5 minutes or from 5 to 20 minutes, with two people even staying for more than an hour.

I owe these visitors largely to Darren at Teaching and Developing Online, along with Google, MSN, and Yahoo! - all of which did bring in a fair amount of traffic. Some common keywords that included me were:

  • free virtual high school
  • virtual high school analysis
  • georgia high school virtual classroom
  • evaluate new high school course
  • virtual high
  • georgia virtual school comments
  • georgia's virtual classroom
  • virtual high school
  • pa cyber schooling

Based upon these search terms, plus all of the other traffic, the popular entries this past month included:

That's about it for this month, see you all again in four weeks with some more statistics.

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