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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Association of Online K-12 Schools

I received this a few days ago from Kelli Boklaschuk (KBoklaschuk@scs.sk.ca).

Hello Michael,

We are happy to invite you to join the Association of Online K-12 Schools. The purpose of the Association of Online K-12 Schools is to develop interest, participation and cooperation in a sharing environment with the online K-12 school membership community. Further, the membership will provide a virtual association which will utilize the latest advancements in technology and services to assist its members in teaching and developing online.

If you are interested in joining please go to : http://www.scs.sk.ca/cyber/aok12s/home.htm We would also be interested in hosting your blogs.

Both the Association membership and the blog hosting is free. Our goal is to connect online educators all over the world to share resources, ideas, successes and failures so that we can expand our knowledge of online education.

You can sign up for a blog from the Association web site as well.

Take care,

Kelli Boklaschuk
Learning Community Director
Cyber School Elementary Coordinator
The organization looked interesting enough to pass it on to my readership as something that someone out there may be interested in. If you do apply from membership, let us know.

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