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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Survey Of Online Learners For Doctoral Program

A request for research dealing with virtual schooling. If there are virtual school students out there or any of my readers that can help, please contact Sam directly.
Hello all

I am a doctoral student working on my dissertation at Capella University in the school of professional studies.

My dissertation is on engagement in the learning process for online high school students. Specifically I am trying to evaluate what aspects of course design engage high school students and therefore lead to more motivated learners and deeper learning.

In simpler terms, what do high school students like \ dislike in their online classes?

For my research I have developed an online survey for students to complete. The survey is completely anonymous and no personal information is collected. Students will have the opportunity to take part in a virtual focus group to finish the data collection process if they wish to.

I am looking for high school students who are currently taking or have taken online classes ( one or more) and who would be willing to complete this online survey (10-15 minutes).

You can help by forwarding this email to other educators and or students and asking them to do the same.

I am looking to survey as diverse a group of students as possible and trust that the vastness and chaos of the Internet will get this message out to lots of interested high school students.

Information about the survey and a link to the actual survey can be found at:

Time is of the essence this survey is slated to be open from Feb1, 2008 to Feb 29th, 2008

Thanks for help in spreading the word

If you have question about my research or the survey I can be contacted at samgladstein@gmail.com

Sam Gladstein
Sam Gladstein
IM Gladsteins@GTalk
IM Gladsteins@Yahoo

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