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Sunday, November 04, 2007

VSS2007 - NACOL Business Meeting Notes

Just a few quick notes from the NACOL Business Meeting.

In 2005 NACOL had only 320 members. This year it has more than 1900 members and there are 800 people in attendance at this year's Virtual School Symposium, with more than 90 presentations. The 2008 symposium will be held in Phoenix, Arizona and it is hoped that they will break 1000 participants (note that this year they could have had more, but the facility can only accommodate 800 so they had to cut it off).

NACOL will begin to offer "Teacher Talk" webinars in January 2008. There are also currently three monthly meetings of regional members of NACOL: Georgia members, California members, and Western members (Colorado and west, minus California).

Apparently Singapore has built into its teacher education programs things which prepare their pre-service teachers to not only teach in a traditional classroom, but also teach in an online environment - which means every teacher educated in Singapore is qualified to teach in the virtual school programs. This is important because apparently every student in Singapore has access to courses via online learning. The latest thing being added to these teacher training programs are specific items related to teaching in virtual environments such as Second Life.

Finally, the Chicago Public School district will open a public high school in the Fall of 2008 where the students physically come to school, but their entire curriculum is online. More about this one after the conference ends...

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Blogger Ben Wilkoff said...

Do you know of anyone else who is blogging about VSS or using twitter to update what is going on here?

Which sessions are you planning on attending today (Monday)?

8:31 AM  
Blogger MKB said...


I don't know of anyone else blogging here at VSS. Personally, here is what interests me today:

10:30am - Informing Policy and Practice: Research on the Best Practices of Virtual School Teachers

1:45pm - "Cyberschool" Myths and Realties: Toward a Better Understanding of Full-Time Programs OR State Virtual Schools Report

3:00pm - Improving Virtual Schools: A Collaborative Research Partnership OR Providing Virtual Success for At-Risk Students

I'll try and either post podcasts or notes from every session I attend.


8:37 AM  

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