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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Statistics for October 2007

Since I didn't post statistics for September, over the past two months the straight counter has gone from 14, 121 back on September 1 to 17019 as of 9:58am today, October 31.

There have been 1138 unique visitors to Virtual High School Meanderings in the month of October. Of those, 123 have been first time visitors, while 1015 have been returning visitors. This has meant that there have been an average of 37 unique visitors per day.

These visitors have come from the United States, Canada, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Malaysia.

The most popular entries have been:

And the most popular days appear to have been the first three days of the month, along with October 15, 18 and 29. Until next month, keep reading and commenting...

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