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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Conference: Canada's Aboriginal Virtual Schools and E-Learning

As I wait for CIDER to post the archive of my session last week (so I can post the link here), I discovered that the sister of an old friend of mine from middle school works with virtual high schools that cater to aboriginal fly in communities in Northern Canada. She also alerted me to this conference that is quickly coming up.

2nd Aboriginal National Forum, 2007
October 23-24
Canada's Aboriginal Virtual Schools and E-Learning
The Cutting Edge in Online Education
The sessions being offered include:
  • Starting from Scratch: How to Develop a Virtual School and E-Learning in Aboriginal Communities (Pre-Forum Workshop)
  • A Place Called Virtual School: The Promise of Online Learning
  • KiHS: Bridging the Traditional and Virtual Classroom in Canada‚Äôs First Nation Schools
  • Elluminate Inc. - Authentically Interactive: The Impact of Engaging Learners Synchronously
  • The Kuh-Ke-Nah (K-Net) Development Process: A Model for First Nations Broadband Community Networks
  • Preparing Teachers to Teach Online: Innovative Methods for Engaging Teachers
  • G8 Supplementary Courses Program
  • The Development of a Online Course that is Culturally Sensitive to Aboriginal People
  • Partnering for Success: The Use of ICT and e-Learning as Transformational Agents for Social and Economic Development in Aboriginal Communities
  • The Challenges of Delivering e-Learning to Remote Communities
While I'd personally love to attend, as this is a population of virtual school students that I have no experience with, I only found out about this last week and Thunder Bay is a fourteen hour drive from me. Who knows, maybe next year I might even get invited to present there.... :)

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