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Friday, September 21, 2007

A Re-post for Darren -> Ok, blogosphere... I need your help. Maybe I have a job for someone.

Darren, over at Teaching and Developing Online, has posted an entry entitled Ok, blogosphere...I need your help. Maybe I have a job for someone. I don't have an answer to his question, but I will re-post it here in case any of my readers can help him.
If you have not been to the YouAreDamned.com you will not understand what I am talking about in this posting. I would like to find out who has created this site...now before everyone gets excited I am not going to rant on the person or anything. What I want to do create is the exact opposite of what this site is all about. Here at the Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School we have a chapel where the students on a daily basis post messages stating who they would like the population of the cyber school to pray for. This activity would be greatly enhanced if we could have a flash application like the one that is used to damn people, which instead of damning would post why a person should pray for...

For example today a student posted that they would like the population to pray for their grandmother who is sick and in the hospital with cancer. By posting this on the wall each day the students could view the wall and say a prayer. We would need to change the view of the site to clouds and brighter images etc.

We would be willing to try to reverse engineer this application if we could have access to the FLA file for youaredamned.com.

I understand why the creator of said site is a little concerned about someone knowing who built the site because of the flak they would get from a portion of the internet population. I am not one such person, I would like to create the opposite of the site to use for an educational spiritual component of the cyber school. I would be willing to sign an agreement to keep the authors name secret. We could meet in a dark place on the internet and exchange fla's.

Any help from the blogosphere to assist in achieving this goal would be greatly appreciated.

Can the power of the sphere do this?

Any bloggers out there that would be willing to post this on their blog spreading the word might help us solve this mystery.

If there is any flash expert person out there that is up for a challenge and would like to work on a partnership project and help develop such a site, lets talk.

So, can anyone help Darren?

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