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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Virtual Schooling at AECT

So I had the first of my roundtable sessions this morning. It was titled "Secondary Students Perceptions of Web-Based Learning". The abstract in the program read:
The proposed paper reports a study of secondary students’ perceptions of useful
and challenging characteristics. Data were collected using questionnaire and
interview methods. Specifically, the paper focuses on what web-based learning
looks like for secondary students, along with their perceptions of the benefits,
challenges, and helpful components in the web-based learning environments. As
this study utilized similar instruments to earlier studies that looked at the
perceptions of post-secondary students and participants of corporate web-based
training, comparisons will be made between the secondary students in this study
and those populations as well.

I had three people come by at three different times, so I got a chance to speak with ecah of them individually and address the topic to their specific interests. I did catch about the first ten minutes of the discussion I had with the second individual into my wife's iPod, so I may try to podcast that after I return to Athens and have access to my Mac-mini.

If you are interested in the above topic, the full proposal that I submitted back in January is available at:

And I have submitted a manuscript on the survey data portion already, so when that eventually sees the light of day, I'll let you know. Until then I'm back to the conference and willpost some more as it comes available.


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