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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Updates From The Blogsphere

Well, just wanted to give ou a sense this week of some of the other things being posted to blogs that I monitor about virtual schooling. Also wanted to let you know that for the next three to four weeks I'm going to be quite busy trying to get all of my interviews transcribed, synchronous recorded classes observed, and asynchronous classes reviewed for my dissertation research - so I may not be posting as often or the posts may feature few of my own original thoughts.

That's all for now folks... Over the next three or four weeks I'll try to keep the regular features rolling and add what I can, when I can...

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Blogger Kate Logan said...

We have an online "gym class" and it really is a full blown class. It focuses on students personal fitness goals. They have to keep daily fitness logs where they log thier heart rate before and after thier physical activity. They they have a bunch of assignments that makes them understand thier own health needs.

Our class isn't a matter of giving students credit for playing outside. This class requires specifics.

3:25 PM  

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