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Saturday, January 07, 2006

My Dangerous Idea

George Seimans over at elearnspace asks us WHAT IS YOUR DANGEROUS IDEA? The prompt seems to be catching on, as BionicTeacher has taken up the call with An interesting writing prompt and How to Save the World has posted his thoughts in Blinded by Science: What's Your Dangerous Idea?

My own dangerous idea is that we create a school in every rural community in North America, no matter how big or small. These schools should be wired with broadband Internet access (fibre would be ideal) and a state of the art computer lab. These schools would be staffed with at least two teachers (more if the size warrants) and a computer technician. Every state would have a state-funded, state-wide virtual school that provided a full compliment of middle and secondary school curriculum (i.e., every state authorize course on the books). This would allow for the community school to once again become the center of rural life, it would provide a local education for anyone who wanted it, it would allow for students in primary/elementary school to learn from a local teacher while then middle and high school students would learn from a local teacher if numbers warranted but via the virtual school if numbers didn't, and it would provide access to the same quality of education to rural students as urban students.

That's my dangerous idea... What's your's?

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Anonymous SL said...

Not only a school in each and every plce their are children ...

but some kind of library system (computers, online borrowing?), with an unfettered access to books of ANY and ALL kinds.

I grew up in a little town. The town library saved my ass.

10:29 PM  
Anonymous SL said...

My keyboard battery and bad spelling:

"each and every place there are children ..."

10:31 PM  
Blogger MKB said...

I fully agree... Where I come from, the public or municipal libraries and the public Internet access sites are typically located in the schools, at least in rural areas. This allows for the school and the public library to pull its budget and offer more witout duplication, and the same it true of the school and the public Internet access site. Typically the school is open to the public from 3:00pm (when school ends for us) until 5:00pm and then two to three nights a week (sometimes some weekend hours as well).

With a school in every community where there are children, and the school having what I described and this, it can be the real center of the community

6:27 AM  

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