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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Statistics for December

This past month we finally started to get some content back up on this blog and it showed in the viewership. In the past 31 days (well, not quite 31 as there is still three hours left in the month) there have been 380 hits to this blog, bringing the total to 3268.

These hits came from 221 different visitors, acounted by 185 first time visitors and 36 repeat customers. This was an average of 12 hits per day from 7 different visitors per day.

These visitors came from Georgia, Oklahoma, New York, California, Florida, Oregon, West Virginia, Arizona, Virginia, New Jersey, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Colorado, along with Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, Czech Republic, Denmark, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Popular entries from this past month included:

People came across my blog from Google, Yahoo, MSN, Technorati, the AECT Distance Learning Division website, and my own website.

And that's all for another month...

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Anonymous Tom said...

These will get even larger as the world discovers virtual schools; keep up the good work!

8:24 PM  

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