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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Start of the Second Day of VSS

Just finished listening to the keynote speaker this morning, a guy by the name of Mark Milliron with SAS Education. One of the things that he brought up, and I hope to blog about a number of issues that he raised in his presentation in the next week or two, but in response to a question from the audience he indicated the possibility of learning customized to a level of artificial intelligence.

This was an interesting possibility for me. Think of what it could mean. For example, one of the most common experiences that people have with AI is online shopping. You buy a book from Amazon and the first thing it tells you after your purchase is other people who bought this book also purchased these items.

Now, translate that to education... Students who completed this activity found these learning objects useful. Students who viewed this lecture participated in these discussions.

Imagine the possibilities of a course system that could provide that kind of just in time feedback and guidance for our students. The fact that it is available to the commercial world means that the technology is there, so how long before this begins to filter into education, particularly given the business model of education that seems to have developed in the Western world.

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