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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Five Virtual School Blogs for BlogDay

Sorry I have been out of contact for a while, but I'm teaching two classes this semester, co-teaching two, taking one and I defend my comprehensive exams tomorrow... So, I've had a busy few weeks.

Anyway, it took me a while to find this, but Nate Lowell included me a week or more ago in his 5 for BlogDay. The basic idea is that if you have been named in someone's blog, that you reference it and provide five blogs of your own. Thanks Nate...

For my 5 blogs that I want to highlight, I'll include the following:
  • Teaching and Developing Online - Darren Cannell's blog which focuses on the teaching of High School online
  • Derek's Blog - a friend of mine in New Zealand, Derek Wenmoth of CORE Education Ltd, who discusses the impact of technology in education, particularly in changing the nature of the contemporary classroom
  • Deciding About School's Online - a group from Ohio that is looking at online learning through the lens of charter schooling (I disagree with a lot of what they say, but it is provocative all the same)
  • Virtual School - a blog that I'm hoping that the guy will pick up again, as he had some interesting ideas starting off
  • AECT's Division of Distance Learning - the blog of the particular division I belong to of the professional association for IT people

Hope these guys pick up on this and pass their own 5 blogs on.

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