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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Update on North Carolina VHS

You may recall a few months ago I posted an entry about a Virtual High School for North Carolina?. As an update to that piece, from yesterday's eSchool News Online:
N.C. to launch new virtual high school

The Charlotte Observer reports on a proposal by the North Carolina State Board of Education to open a statewide virtual high school in 2006. The school would offer a variety of web-based classes and electronic courses to every public school student across the state. Proponents of the program say the virtual courses will give students and teachers more options during the school day and should appeal to a wide-range of learners--from college-bound high-school students to tech-savvy preschoolers. Credit for the courses would be awarded through local districts, not the virtual school, officials said.

http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlotte/living/education/12291989.htm (Note: This site requires registration)
I haven't read the full article, because I don't want to have to register with the paper, but here it is if you are interested.

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