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Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Blogging About This Next Generation

You'll note that from time to time in the past, and particularly as an on-going topic in the re-posts from the AECT Blogtrack series, I've taken up the issue of the difference between this current generation and generations that have come before them. Well, here are what some others in the blog sphere think about the topic.

This is a topic that still interests me, as I know that there is no credible research to support any differences other than an increased sense of entitlement in this most recent generation, but I wonder what effects the perceived differences have on teaching and learning.

Which leads me to this next entry, which I guess is at the crux of this issue, if there is no research to actually support this notion that digital natives do exists (at least from a generational standpoint), then the next logical step is...

Do you agree? If so, what does that mean for virtual schooling?

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