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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some More Notes from the VSS

Some notes from one of the sessions that I attended that actually spoke to some of the research aspects of virtual schooling.

Landscape of K-12 Online Learning: Past and Present
- Tom Clark and Cathy Cavanaugh

  • K-12 Online learning: education in which instruction and content are delivered primarily via the Internet (Watson, Winograd & Kalmon, 2004)
  • Growth of K-12 Online Learning
    • steady enrollment growth, from 40-50K in 2000-01 to 300K in 2002-03
    • considerable room for growth in KL-12 – 1.97 million OLL enrollments in higher education 2002-03
    • better tracking needed of enrollments, course, programs
  • K-12 Online Learning Growth Factors
    • a tradition of distance education/computer-based ed
    • emergence of the WWW
    • computer and Internet access/use in schools
    • government policies and funding
    • interest in OLL
  • Global Reach of K-12 Online Learning
    • primarily a North American phenomenon, but potential for expansion
    • most nations currently focused on building SchoolNet activities
  • Research in K-12 DL: How Much Can There Be?
    • Cavanaugh, 2001
    • Cavanaugh et al., 2004
    • NCREL studies

In the next day or two, I'll have a re-post from the AECT BlogTrack, and then I'll come back to the content of Opening the Virtual School Symposium.

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