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Monday, May 01, 2006

Updates from the AECT BlogTrack

As I mentioned earlier, I'm involved with a group of researchers at the University of Georgia in an AECT BlogTrack. At the beginning of each month, my intention is to alert my Virtual High School Meandering readers of the entries that have been posted to the BlogTrack over the past month.

Also mentioned in the previous entry, the feed site for all of our blogs is available at:

My own contribution to the BlogTrack can be found at:

This past month, some of the entries that have been posted dealing with virtual schooling include:

See you again at the beginning of June for another update from the AECT BlogTrack. Until then, feel free to follow along over at AECT BlogTrack Feed or Virtual Schooling, and also feel free to post comments and interact with us over there as well.

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