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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Four Trends

Frederic Reynaerts, over at E-Learning Perspectives, posted an entry entitled "4 Trends to Watch" in which he states that four trends to watch in the future of learning and technology are:
  • Self-Service: Employees and customers are moving rapidly towards a comfort and even assumption of self-service for transactions.
  • Search vs. Menu: Fewer websites are being accessed via a click from a menu and more from a free text search process.
  • Media Timeshifting: Increased use of TIVO and Digital Recorders at home are leading to an expectation of the ability to timeshift most media watching.
  • Peer Validated Knowledge: People are increasingly balancing expert knowledge with peer validation and ratings.

If these are trends are true, what does that mean for schooling (and particularly virual schooling)?

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