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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another Blog to Watch

Once again NCSW@yahoogroups.com has alerted me to something... This is a blog that focuses upon homeschooling, but also touches on issues of virtual schooling and cyber charter schooling...

From the blog: http://schoolathome.blogspot.com/

Monday, November 28, 2005
What Makes a Homeschooler a Homeschooler Symposium

In light of recent discussions over public school at home and homeschoolingI would like to offer some space for an online symposium (similar toSpunky's Online Convention - only dedicated to one subject) to discuss whatmakes a homeschooler a homeschooler. What are the legal issues? What are thecharachteristics and choices that make an individual home educated or homeschooled rather than a public school/charter school/or private schoolstudent? What are the important distinctions? Your posts can cover issueslike virtual charter schools, public school at home and the defintions ofhomeschooling.

Many of you have strong opinions on this issue and many of you are verysmart and passionate about this subject. Let us work together to see if wecan come up with good ways to define homeschooling and protect the rights ofall homeschoolers.


Also see:
Let's see what they have to say and I'll try to keep you posted...

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