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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


A friend of mine from back home who caught up with me on MSN last night alerted my attention to a new project that appears to have taken root in my home province called Braintrain.

What I found interesting about this business, that has partnered with the largest school district in my home province, was the nature of the services that were offered: "one to many (ratio of 10:1 student to teacher) live web based course offerings in:

  • English 3201
  • French 3200
  • Math 3204
  • Math 3205
  • Math 3231
  • Math 3207 (common exam)
  • Earth Systems 3209
  • Biology 3201
  • Chemistry 3202
  • Francais 3202
  • World Geography 3202
  • World History 3201
  • Histoire Mondiale 3231
  • Physics 3204
  • Advanced Placement courses (names not given)"
I guess what struck me about this was that these services were being offered to students anywhere in Canada (including Newfoundland one supposes) for a fee. With the exception of the unnamed Advanced Placement courses, I believe that the majority of the courses listed are also ones that the Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation (CDLI - http://www.cdli.ca) offers as a part of its web-based distance education offerings.

I'm wondering what the relationship is between Braintrain and the CDLI? I'm sure that Braintrain isn't going to duplicate the course development process for all of these high school courses (ones listed with a number), especially given that I believe that there are only three listed that the CDLI doesn't already have developed.

I know that the Eastern School District, which was formed when the Vista, Burin, Avalon West and Avalon East school districts were merged together does have a number of Advanced Placement courses already developed (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English Literature and Composition, Mathematics, Physics, and others that I may not be able to recall), so that partnership makes sense.

Can anyone out there from back home tell me anything else about Braintrain, other than what is available on their website?

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Blogger MKB said...

A friend of mine sent this to me with some more information on this Braintrain thing...


From: Peter Gosse (info@braintrain.ca)
Subject: Online Tutoring Opportunity for Teachers

Online Tutoring Opportunity


My name is Peter Gosse and I am a resident of Spaniard's Bay, Newfoundland. I previously worked as a web developer/graphics designer for the Avalon West School District before taking a Project Manager role at CGS Canada.

Braintrain is new and exciting and will open up more possibilities for student learning then ever before in Newfoundland and other parts of Canada.

All I ask that you please forward this to your staff and friends and even perhaps place the email in your school staff room. Thanking you in advance.

Wanted: Online Tutors for a new Newfoundland-based company

You are invited to join the BrainTrain team as an online tutor. BrainTrain is a Canadian based company that is owned and operated in Newfoundland. We are anxious to bring you on board. We will provide all the technical skills and training you may need; what you need is knowledge and expertise in your area.

You will have the opportunity to deliver:

- One-to-one live online tutoring (grades 4-12, post-secondary)
- One-to-many (ratio of 10:1 student to teacher) live online course offerings
- Advanced Placement Courses
Live Webinar's with content and discipline experts on a weekly basis
- Live on-line ESL Training

*all services are offered in French and English

You must hold a degree from an accredited university and a valid teaching certificate from your province/state. The rate of pay will depend on your experience and background for individual tutoring and/or courses, with a minimum rate of $18 per/h, all while maintaining the privacy and convenience of being in your own home while delivering the sessions.

Tutors set their own hours and can work as much or as little as they like. Now is your chance to be a part of this exciting new company, which is helping students all over the North America. Braintrain currently has student/teacher recruiters in various locations in Canada and the United States.

Please email your resume and a short biography (including year's experience, subject areas you teach, background, etc. (500 words or less) to careers@braintrain.ca

For more information please visit us at http://www.braintrain.ca

Best Regards,

Peter Gosse
Email: peter@braintrain.ca
Visit: http://www.braintrain.ca
Learning and Collaboration Services

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